Composition of the concrete aggregate mix

The importance of the composition of the aggregate mix as regards to the quality and price of the concrete. With a well chosen percentage of the aggregate mix we establish beforehand the most remarkable characteristics of that concrete.

Each concrete has its specifications as to the limit values of the applicable aggregates. However even within these limits we have an extensive playing field in chosing the correct dosage percentages.

Concrete – from design to post-treatment

The designing of the concrete composition requires caution and prediction, that is not characteristic to our rushing world, however the development is needed also in this respect of life. One can simply throw the concrete ingredients into one pot or one can figure it all out.

In case of a knowingly designed composition the estimated strength characteristics can be reached with great probability. Randomly chosen concrete ingredients will give a random result as well.

Watertightness of concrete

The watertight properties of the concrete needs to be interpreted in a particular way, as we deal with a porous material. The watertightness demand needs to be taken in consideration together with the water pressure, and charcterized by the depth of the water penetration into the concrete.

Not even the perfectly densified concrete fills its space evenly, instead inside the cocrete tone there are pores connected to each other. The pores can be enlisted in three different categories according to their sizes: macro-, meso- and micropores.

Concrete mix percentage

The „concrete mix percentage” as an expression is related to the concrete made under domestic circumstances.

The information hunger however is common in each private person or company interested in manufacturing concrete: How much should I add of each concrete ingredient in order to get a quality material according to my expectations with the least possible cost?

Formation of concrete cracks

Cracks are caused not only by the pressures composing the force calculations, but all effects that will ever cause pulling tension resulting greater than pulling strength will do the same. These are the following:

Concrete formwork preparation

A lot depends on the preparation of the formwork, difficulties might arise during the incorporation. The strength, cleanliness, exactness in size, the isolator thickness of the formwork, how much can the concrete be solidified and in what thickness, the hight from which it (the formwork) is dropped.