Professional genuinity of the concrete design program

Kólya József’s letter about the B-Design software


It is of our pleasure that we are able to be the users of the B-Design program package belonging to Parallel Ltd. Our transport concrete mix factory after several decades worth of manual mixing and mixture preparation technology behind its back, created in 2004 a new mixture technology device and since the same year we are users of your softwer package as well. The application of the program resulted to be easily adapted even by our workers with traditional stereotypes in their activity and until this moment it is an active and inseparable part of our everyday production.

After the design step of the conrete, during the manufacturing – starting from the initial steps including in between verifications demonstrate the technically professional genuinity of the program.


Kólya József Executive Director, Tam-Bau Ltd.


Tamási, 2008.07.25.

Special concretes


Papp József’s letter about the B-Design software


Most often I use the grain structure designer and I verify the mix to see how much is its aggregate change, is there any intervention necessary to adjust the mix. The program means an incredible help at the design of the concrete as I am requested offers for special concretes. I create the composition within minutes, I add the chemicals, adjust the fine particles content, the water/cement factor and the required strength.

The program provides the material costs immediately, I introduce the mixing fee and I have my first cost. At my offer I utilize the price given by the program, I add the mixing curve and I send it off. Then we embark in the test mixes of the concrete made by special cement and chemicals under industrial circumstances. We mix the concrete based on the data of the program, adjust its consistency, we do the expansion measurements, then we dry the concrete to be able to obtain the actual watercontent. Mostly we need to adjust only the last item. By the time the consructor starts the works we got the strength, watertight ability and antifreeze analisis results as well. If this program did not exist, we could only guess how much cement to add and we would do various mixes because of the strength.

The most remarkable is that the concrete design program gives the expected strength as well, contrary to the less sophisticated programs used until now that were not able to give such data. Its specific value is that I can design concrete inluding according to EN-206!

I consider important the fact and I can even utilize it for teaching purposes: how can one destroy the strength in a minute. I had not been able to show this modelling to my students if it were not for this program!

I trust that the person who uses it will only prepare concretes with adequate strength and composition. With its use the the manufacturers will increase and with the presentations the users will better their attitudes towards the concrete. I separately acknowledge the program writers as the requested changes were solved flexibly and within a short period of time.


Papp József Executive Director, TBG Dunakeszi Ltd.


Dunakeszi, 2003.06.25.