B-Design - Presentation


B-DESIGN the concrete designing software


Close to 10 years of Hungarian and foreign successes proven in concrete designing practice.


Standard results to be expected immediately at the completion of the composition designing procedure!

BDesign ismerteto5 

A Automatic, manual and graphical composition of the most optimum mineral base compatible to the desired concrete.

The applicability of the concrete, its mash or cement demands are decided already at this stage!




B-Design beton tervező átlag-szilárdság



The general or tailor-made function of the different cement types, the uniquely precise definition of the entire Abrams – function parameters.

The w/c factor determines the required amount of cement in case of creating a concrete mix with a given strength.







B-Design beton tervező - adalékanyag


The system operates based on mathematical methods that are the result of a several decades long activity done by the (Dr. János Újhelyi) one of the most prominent personalities of the Hunagrian cement and concrete research.

The required empirical calculation constants, cement types, limit curve (etc.) are inbuilt but they are modifiable in the system.





B-Design beton tervező - vízzáróségAt each of its steps it works with concrete mixes that are supported by recommended values: Based on the desired characteristics (strength, consistency, applicability) and considering the available materials, it automatically determines or proposes the dosage quantities. In case of different applicability categories it gives the required modifications.








B-Design beton tervező beton recept összetétel



The estimation of the expected characteristics based on the concrete mix:

  • strength category

  • strength

  • density

  • consistency!

  • applicability categories

  • real water and cement content