Concrete – from design to post-treatment

The designing of the concrete composition requires caution and prediction, that is not characteristic to our rushing world, however the development is needed also in this respect of life. One can simply throw the concrete ingredients into one pot or one can figure it all out.

In case of a knowingly designed composition the estimated strength characteristics can be reached with great probability. Randomly chosen concrete ingredients will give a random result as well.


While there is no trouble with the concrete


No matter how carefully prepared the concrete plan it is worth only if the fabrication of the designed concrete and its incorporation is technically correct.

The carefully designed and adequately mixed fresh concrete is an opportunity from the viewpoint of the perfect structure, an opportunity that one needs to take advantage of, however for the total success a series of conscious activities are needed during the incorporation of the concrete as well.

Statistically as the main reasons behind the destroyed structures stands the incorporation error. Unfortunately in Hungary the incorporation of the concrete is not a profession, therefore one cannot demand a professional precision, and technical correctness means rather scrupulousness. All structures made of concrete (base board, wall, column, pavement) has its specific technical know hows, that when applied one can achieve a structure with a quality that is adequate and apt for a lasting usage. However omitting partially or totally these technical know hows is inevitable the detterioration of its quality or the wreckage as a complete failure. Even at this stage there is a choice: allowing or inhibiting, that is to say: going in agreement with the worsened quality or demolish and rebuild. Both of them is markedly more expensive than the error free method. The difference is that the costs don’t appear at the building step, therefore they don’t need to be covered by the constructor. Therefore the true reasons are covered up, the participants might direct away the attention in questions regarding resonsibility.


If the trouble has already occurred

There can be damage in the concrete because of the weather, outside temperature reasons, but also caused by the non application of technology. Drying out, freezing, cracking, loss of strength, water permeability even though we intended a waterproof concrete. In such cases the fixing of the damaged concrete is the purpose. There are fixing materials and procedures to add or complement the mising characteristics. The costs of the fixing are higher than the costs of a error-free concrete, but they still don’t reach the demolition and rebuilding costs, therefore this option is often at discussion. The analization of such situation, the figuring out of the fixing technology is the job of the concrete technologist.


I hope I didn’t frighten anybody away from dealing with concrete, I only intended to put attention on the fact that the preparation of an error-free structure extends from the designing to the post treatment.

Sulyok Tamás