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Parallel Ltd. – Concrete mission


The purpose of the B-Design website is to provide professional and general information regarding concrete to the users and manufacturers, furthermore the records of a database that can be an adeuqate reference source about concrete and concrete products to the interested public. The functions unavailable at the beginning will soon appear on our pages. The additional purpose of our site is to make known the B-Design program that truely does design the concrete, furthermore to soon make online concrete designing available for those who do not have a B-Design software licence.


The purpose of Parallel Ltd. with the B-Design concrete composition program is to exclude the chance factor and replace it with the maximum designing precision that can be reached with the software. Achieving this goal the manufacturers can optimize their concrete quality, furthermore the companies or private users utilizing a concrete „labelled” with B-Design and produced according to the standard manufacturing technology can be sure that this concrete is created in a first class quality.