B-Design - What is it?

Many think it is impossible to design concrete with a computer.

Many gave up on it, while others „convincedly” ascertain that it will never be possible to design concrete with a software. They concluded this from their own and other people’s failures and the most they can imagine about a program is that it could only back up a little bit the designing procedure of the concrete. We, at the Parallel Ltd. created exactly that service that „based on their opinion is impossible”.


What is B-design?

The B-design is such a concrete composition designing program system, that gives a practical solution for the preparation of the concrete mixes needed both by the professionals with great experience and by the users less practiced in concrete technology alike.

The B-Design concrete designer offers proposals, gives estimations regarding the composition of the concrete, provides a system and safety. The users – based on their own testimony – do not simply use but specifically like this concrete designing program.
More than 10 years of experience shows that - in case of correct application - the suitability verification probability of the designed mix of the concrete in strength, consistency and exposure classes is quite high.


Unique worldwide knowledge

Until now there were software experiments covering only the smaller parts of concrete desgining, that took care mainly of the tabular recording of the different concretes and their mixes. The B-Design is no merely a half solution, but instead an authentic concrete composition designing program system. The recording of the materials and the concrete mixes is just a small part of its skills.

According to our current knowledge there were two relatively successful software developments in this subject, however none of them exceeded the trustworthiness of the one created by B-Design.


Then we no longer need man?

Of course we do! The B-Design does not replace an engineer or a concrete technologist. But why should they waste their time on the mechanical efforts of the concrete designing when B-Design does in 1 minute all that is being done in 3-4 days by a man.

In one hand human intelligence is included in the software, as who else created it if not the professionals in concrete industry and the ones in informatics? On the other hand the concrete designer program needs data input, additionally the verification step of the concrete mix requires man and in fact for a quality usage we recommend the control of the concrete technologist.

Test it!